An Easy Method for Cleaning Your Bounce House

A bounce house is quite sizable and has a great deal of floor space that must be maintained. The capacity to properly clean a bounce house is not simply a legal need, but also a moral one. A bounce house is much simpler to clean than it initially appears, despite its size. In fact, when you dive deep into the swing of cleaning them consistently, it becomes easier than most other areas of your business.

Step I – Initial Preparation

Before we clean our bounce house, we must complete a few important things that will make it go faster, safer, and more thoroughly.

Check your white bounce house for debris on a waterproof tarp. Remove and clean steps, art panels, ladders, netting, and side railings. Some consumer-grade bounce houses feature cleaning instructions. They should follow these stages.

Next, evaluate the bounce house and assess the damage. Be patient. A thorough visual inspection will save you time and aggravation. Methodical is time saving. People who rush make more mistakes and perform a poorer job than those who take their time. Some people are not naturally good at cleaning bouncy houses. Slowing down takes practice.

Check the entire bounce house twice. High-traffic areas will require the greatest cleaning. After cleaning a few bounce houses, you’ll know the difficult spots. First, identify the bounce house’s busiest areas.

Step II – Clean Dry the Bounce House

Remove sticks, jewelry, crayons, toys, and dirt from the bouncy house. Also inspect crevices and behind flaps. Later phases can be damaged by loose materials.

Next, sweep out the bouncy house. Using vacuums are fine. Brush out as much as possible, and do not neglect the underside. You should clean the entire bounce house, not just the play areas.

Step III – Clean Wet the Bounce House Using Homemade Cleaner

The general rule in cleaning a bounce house is to wet clean it in the following situations:

  • You haven’t “wet cleaned” your commercial bounce house in five uses.
  • The bounce house has been ruined by someone.
  • Even after brushing or vacuuming, some areas of your bounce house still look unclean.
  • The bounce house does not smell good.
  • If you need to store the bounce house for a long time.

In these situations, you must mix three parts water to one part vinegar to make a bounce house cleaner, to which you must add a sensible quantity of bleach-free dish soap.

To clean dirty or soiled surfaces, use your homemade bounce house cleanser and scrub with a soft bristle brush, sponge, or rag. While being careful not to scratch the vinyl, scrape diligently to get a thorough cleaning. Focus your scrubbing efforts on dirtier spots if you’re cleaning the entire bounce house.

Use a garden hose to give it a thorough rinsing after being scrubbed. A power washer can be used, but only on the lowest setting. Be very cautious while using a power washer because it can harm the vinyl.

Step IV Disinfect the Bounce House

It is not enough to wet clean the bounce house. You need to remove viruses and other bacteria that might be lingering in the bounce house surface. We recommend bleach-free disinfection wipes for business bounce houses. Insiders recommend Lysol wipes.

DON’T disinfect your bounce house with bleach. Bleach ruins vinyl and fades colors. ONLY use bleach if mold and mildew are present.

Step V Dry the Bounce House

Use your towels to mop up extra water if you give the bounce house a “wet cleaning.” Or you could just let the bounce house dry in the sun. This could take a few hours to a whole day or two to finish. However, if you are in a rush, you may speed up the process by using a leaf blower, and then hand-dry with more towels.

Even while it may seem like a lot of effort, once you get the hang of it, cleaning a bounce house is quite simple. Cleaning a bounce house will be much simpler if you know how to do it and have experience doing it. You will be aware of the areas that need the most work and where you should concentrate your efforts.



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